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…Because no one walks naked

Ofuma Agali

From personal lives to business, religion, and socialization, human beings have every reason to be clothed. It is one of the basic needs of human life. According to Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, the first set of needs (the most basic of needs) is referred to as psychological needs, which …

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Reality in the time of recession

Editor's Note

Now, that is sounding like ‘Love in the time of cholera’, right? Actually, I am not trying to echo Gabriel Garcia Marquez, the Colombian novelist, and Nobel laureate. But somehow, both contexts are finding some form of intersection. If you know that story – and I am not going to …

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Are you showing your customers love? 11 reasons to start doing so


By Ofuma Agali     (ofuma@businesseye.com.ng) Someone said ‘nothing happens until someone sells sometime’. But with increasing sales messages and increasingly inundated consumers, the time has come to being to think differently about how to serve your customers and prospects. But to be effective in this direction, the following reasons …

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Aviation rumbles and other rants


At a business networking forum in Lagos recently, I met with a senior personnel – an expatriate – and he introduced himself as one who works with Arik. He didn’t even wait for my response – whatever it was that I was going to say. He simply pressed it out …

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How Marketing Powers Sales


Princewill Omorogiuwa, Founder of Simon Page Business School and CEO of 3rd Floor Digital Marketing, talks about how Marketing and Sales can work together. He spoke with Ofuma Agali.   With lots of innovation in marketing, many organisations still suffer poor or inadequate sales. Why is this so? This is …

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Why Salesforces matter


 “Sales should be treated like a serious business activity that it should be.” That is what Oliver Nnona, CEO of Profiliant Development Resources Ltd, seem to be emphasising here as he touches on many areas of sales that can make or mar organisation’s profit. He spoke with Ofuma Agali.   …

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