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Digital gadgets and our health

Digital Health

By Olumuyiwa Falola The use of computers and other electronic digital gadgets have become part of our everyday life. Be it smartphones, laptops, desktop, or smart wristwatches, the digital age has succeeded in revolutionizing the very way we live our lives and how we work. Work or office space and …

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Myocardial Infarction

By Oludiya Olamitan Braimoh Ibrahim 57, not his real name, retired bank executive.  Presented to the Accident and Emergency Unit of general hospital complaining of 2 h of central ‘crushing’ chest pain radiating to the neck and shoulders. This had begun shortly after dinner and was more severe than any …

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Sitting long hours? Beware of DVT

By Oludiya Olamitan Sara Adepeju, 32, not real name, is a young TV executive, bubbling with life. She just flew home from a vacation in Canada hale and hearty; excited to resume work. After catching in on the titbits with her husband, she retired early to bed to refresh from …

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Keep watch over your heart

By Oludiya Olamitan Every executive, particularly those in business should monitor and keep their hearts effective at all times for good performance. Heart muscles need to pump blood out very well; must not be stiff in anyway and the valves must fill up with blood easily in a well-functioning heart …

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Chronic liver disease or hepatic disease

By Oludiya Olamitan In continuation of our treatment of infections and killer diseases started last month we now look at diseases that affect the human liver otherwise called hepatic diseases. The liver is the largest organ in our body. It helps our body digest food, store energy, and remove poisons. …

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Surviving infectious and killer diseases

Dr. Oludiya Olamitan We get infected when disease causing organisms enter our body tissues, multiply and produce toxins that overrun the normal functions of the organs infected, thereby causing illnesses or diseases. Infectious diseases are transmissible or communicable and are the common cause of 20.2% deaths. However, chronic kidney disease …

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Avoid Computer Vision Syndrome

Dr. Oludiya Olamitan Janet Jumia, not real name, worked through the weekend on the computer for her corporation’s major presentation to the new client the service department spent the last six months prospecting for a brief. Management verdict was unanimous, it was a terrific package better presented by the director …

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Managing Hypertension

By Oludiya Olamitan Mr. AB is a 45-year-old bubbling gentleman. Recently, he got worried about a persistent weeklong headache that refused to go though he had used paracetamol for relief. His major cause of concern was the memory he had of his late father who at 59 had the same …

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