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Accounting Best Practices

Basic project management for accounting

Project Manager

With Tolulope Ogunrenmi (tolu@businesseye.com.ng) To successfully handle any project from start to finish, the project manager must consciously identify with the fact that no project is too small to be adequately planned for. Consequently, planning is crucial at each stage of any project execution due to the peculiarity or uniqueness …

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Why auditing is necessary for your business


With Tolulope Ogunrenmi | tolu@businesseye.com.ng An audit in the accounting or financial world is an official examination, inspection, or vetting of the accounting books of an organisation or business entity by a qualified professional otherwise known as an Auditor who is usually given the responsibility or objective of conveying an opinion …

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Getting your business with accounting practical

Accounting Practices

By Tolulope Ogunrenmi (tolu@businesseye.com.ng) Accounting practice is the system of procedures and controls that an accounting department uses to maintain and record business transactions. Since a large number of similar business transactions may be dealt with on a routine basis, accounting practice adopted should ideally be extremely consistent as well …

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